Crucial Preventative Fall and Winter Roof Maintenance to Protect Your Building

Facilities Managers, Commercial Property Owners Are You Winter-ready?

Fall has arrived in all its beauty, and as we all know, that means winter is just a few months away. While the weather is good, you should be completing essential roof maintenance to prepare for the weather everyone knows is coming.

Our Service Department focuses on Preventative Maintenance to help keep your building envelope in prime shape to protect your building. In the long run, preventative maintenance will save you money, time and reduce emergency calls.

Domack Restoration provides unsurpassed excellence in roofing services for all our clients throughout Connecticut and Westchester County, NY.

Best Fall Preventative Maintenance Activities

Here are the essential maintenance tasks for the fall/winter season. Call our Service Department at 475-225-4089 to discuss the right options for your building.

• Gutter and downspout cleaning and inspection
• Drain inspection
• Leak detection
• Leak repairs
• Roof debris removal
• Roof cleaning
• Snow removal

New Product Announcement

Domack Roofing video

OMG SpeedTite® Roof Drains

Draining water from your roof is an essential part of protecting your building. OMG Roofing Product’s line of 3 through 6-inch SpeedTite Drains with built-in Vortex Breaker technology offers improved flow to help move precipitation away from your building.